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Becoming a Wine Study Addict!

10 January 2017

I have found myself addicted to wine study (not to wine!). The more I have learnt, the less I think I know. The friends that I got acquainted from wine study are all wine lovers. We have together attained higher and higher levels at WSET and now most of us are at Diploma. Today, I have just taken my last paper – Unit 3, for which the result will only be released in 10-12 weeks' time.

WSET Diploma is very demanding, questions may come up from any angle focusing on any area from a sea of knowledge, from grape varieties, through viticulture, vinification, wine styles, country legal requirements, regionality, winemaking history and business development. It requires quite a broad spectrum of knowledge. From wine study, I have found what I have learnt in schools are all useful now - history, geography, science, mathematics, accountancy, and even biblical knowledge, all becoming making sense!

After the examination, even though I am not sure I will pass, I think I need a break. But I just can't help reading wine magazines and wine books. And, when I am talking to someone who is about to take WSET examinations, I feel happy to share my experience. It is why I am starting with this website and the blog - to keep the momentum to write about and share my wine experience.

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