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A lazy sunny winter Sunday

3 December 2017

Nothing is better than enjoying a cozy afternoon with the family on some nice food and wine!

Florence and Katherine, my two sisters-in-law, came visiting us this afternoon making some cheesy Japanese baked glutinous rice balls. Elaine was creative by adding parma ham in some of them.

To me, this is something good to pair with some white Burgundy, which covers a wide range of styles but tends to give wines of rice texture, roundness, and toast, a quality due to its ageing in oak barrels. I just couldn’t help opening a bottle of Puligny-Montrachet. Fresh from the oven, the cheese balls projected buttery and savoury flavours creating a layer of texture that reflects the creamy, nutty character of the wine. Yum!

Florence also shared me with her recipe of making Japanese Onsen Tamago (hot spring eggs), which are supposed to be seasoned with mirin, Japanese soy sauce and rice wine and then served with Udon or Ramen. That has sparked me off to make some creamy parmesan spaghetti topped with a running poached egg. This is a light yet sophisticated meal that took just 15 minutes to prepare. The parmesan cream sauce was made with just some onion, garlic, butter, cream, parmesan and of course, 1/2 cup of my Puligny-Montrachet! Again, this is a most simple dish to make but hedonistically satisfying with the Puligny-Montrachet.

The gooey egg and parmesan creamy sauce are light in flavour but higher in texture, a great match with the creaminess of the wine. The simple white sauce adds to this creamy element but keeps a low flavour profile, allowing this elegant wine to shine. Delicious!

Next time, I should get some white truffles!

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